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Buy Biker OG Kush, or just Hells OG, is an indica-dominant hybrid that is said to contain OG Kush and Blackberry genetics. The strain’s origins are poorly documented, but popular myth will tell you Hells Angel OG was bred by the biker ruffians themselves in Southern California.

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Buy Biker OG Alchimia presents the regular version of Karma Genetics‘ excellent variety Biker Kush, an Indica hybrid with a powerful OG Kush aroma. Biker Kush originates from a backcross of the elite Kush clone Hells Angels OG, bred to maintain its heady aroma combining citric and pine notes on an earthy/fuel background, Buy Hell OG Cannabis Strain, Biker OG Kush Marijuana Strain, Cheap Biker OG Kush in Australia

The Hell’s OG high is super strong in nature and can easily overwhelm the inexperienced user if you’re not careful. It comes on with a rushing euphoria that leaves you unfocused and blissfully happy. A building body high comes next, lulling you into a state of sedation and peace that leaves you immovable for hours on end. Order Biker OG Marijuana Online

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