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Buy Dutch Treat Online, The custom of sharing the bill after a date, known as a “Dutch treat,” isn’t nearly as enjoyable as the corresponding cannabis variety. Originally grown in the Pacific Northwest, Dutch Treat (sometimes referred to as Dutch Crunch) is an indica-dominant hybrid that is currently very well-liked in Amsterdam. This is a powerful strain that provides certain physical advantages in addition to its psychoactivity. It has low CBD levels of around 1% and THC levels between 15% and 30%. Dutch Treat was awarded third best sativa at the 2012 Southern California Cannabis Cup for its strength, making it a suitable choice for late-night conversation or reflection, Buy Dutch Treat, Cheap Dutch Treat Weed, Order Dutch Treat Online.

Dutch Treat is a good strain for relaxing, but not necessarily for being productive or socializing — its indica leanings qualify this as an evening to nighttime strain. Dutch Treat’s CBD content also makes it beneficial for medicating conditions involving chronic pain and digestion. Because of its tendency to grow tall if not properly managed, plants of this strain may prove difficult to cultivate for a novice grower, Buy Dutch Treat Weed.

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