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Moon Rock

70% Indica and 30 % Sativa marijuana. The strain is extremely powerful, with THC levels ranging 32-34% . CBD: 2.54%. CBN: 1.09%. It help in pain and anxiety

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70% Indica and 30 % Sativa marijuana | Moon Rock Kush |Buy Moon Rock Kush Australia|  . Buy Moon Rock Kush Online, The strain is extremely powerful, with THC levels ranging 32-34% . CBD: 2.54%. CBN: 1.09%.

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It help in pain and anxiety. purple moon rock Kush | moon rock Kush strain | kurupt moon rock Kush | 1 unit of moon rock Kush | kurupt moon rock Kush price | leafily moon rock Kush | Buy Moon Rock Marijuana Australia | Buy Medical Cannabis Online Australia, .



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