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  • THC:25%
  • CBN:1%
  • Effects:Energizing, Euphoria, Focus
  • Medical:Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Loss of Appetite, Migraines, Nausea, Nightmares
  • Flavors:Citrus, Pine, Pineapple, Sweet, Tropical
  • Aroma:Earthy, Pine, Pineapple, Sweet
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Pineapple Kush Express For Sale Online In Australia

Buy Pineapple Express is classified technically as a well balanced sativa dominant hybrid, with a ratio of 60% sativa and 40% indica. Although, this strain does pack in quite a grand portion of indica genetics, its energizing, heady yet body numbing effects are so far from it.

The Pineapple Express strain’s parental lineage originates from a breeding of the landrace sativa Hawaiian strain and the hybrid strain Trainwreck.

With half of its genetics originating from an immensely pure strain that is of 100% sativa origins, it makes perfect sense why Pineapple Express would have such a strong declaration of sativa-style effects.

Its THC levels typically range in the 16-26% range, so its high bringing effects are quite strong and powerful. You definitely won’t be left disappointed if an steady blaze is what you are desiring.

Where to Buy Pineapple Express Online In Australia

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Pineapple Express is from parent strains that can give you that amazing buzz which is why this strain also provides the same effect but in a more profound and relaxing way.

You see, Pineapple Express is a hybrid strain that will make you feel happy, euphoric and even uplifted. You will feel energetic and ready to do almost anything.

You will feel the creative juices flowing after taking Pineapple Express. But as the effects of this strain wear out, you will feel relaxed and ready to sleep. There won’t be any stoney or overwhelming headaches after.

Medical Effects: Buy Pineapple Express Kush Australia

One of the most common popular uses of Pineapple Express is pain relief. It is an effective analgesic for all types of pain: headaches, migraines, chronic pain, post-surgical pain and so on. You can also count on Pineapple Express to counter pain due to procedures and other medical concerns.

If you are looking for a natural way to reduce stress and depression, then this is your strain. It can help stop stress and depression without relying on medications that will only make you feel worse.Buy Pineapple Express Kush Australia

Pineapple Express is also a good strain to reduce physical and mental fatigue. If you have frequently struggled with fatigue or that overwhelming heavy feeling day by day then you need to start your day with this hybrid strain.

Recommended as a daytime strain, Pineapple Express will curb fatigue and make you bright and shiny even if you had a rough night.

 Negative Effects – Buy Pineapple Express Kush Australia

Just like most cannabis strains, It gives you a cotton mouth. Your mouth will feel as dry as an ancient parchment!

This is all because of the natural effects of THC which is actually present even in users who consume marijuana by using tinctures, eating edibles and supplements, not just by smoking or vaping. Buy Pineapple Express Kush Australia

This strain also causes dry eyes and red eyes which are very common in most marijuana strains. Those who are new to using Pineapple Express may also feel anxious and paranoid which will gradually wear off.

As you regularly use this strain, you will feel less and less anxious and paranoid as well. sleep is also possible and may be avoided by starting on a small dose. You can gradually work your way up once you have grown accustomed to its effects.

Pineapple Express strain Growing Information: Buy Pineapple Express Kush Australia

it is easy to moderate to grow and can reach a height of more than 78 inches. Give this strain the best growing environment and you will get a bountiful yield. This hybrid strain flowers in just 7 to 9 weeks

It strain may be grown indoors or outdoors but to fully take advantage of its growth and development, this strain should be grown outdoors. It can actually stretch 100 to 200% from its natural height.Buy Pineapple Express Kush Australia

This strain is from the hybrid Trainwreck and from the sativa Hawaiian strain. It was developed by G13 Labs, It has a strong fruity aroma that can make you feel high, energetic and creative.


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