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The Devil’s Harvest Seeds-created Rollex OG Kush is an indica-dominant cross between White Fire OG and Kuchi. The result is a flavor profile that is complex and combines the OG Kush’s skunky, pine, and sharp cheese overtones. The effects of Rollex OG Kush begin with a psychedelic-bordering cerebral energy rush before leveling down into a calming body buzz that gradually develops and relieves stress and muscle tightness.

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Buy Rollex OG Kush Online | Check your Rollex OG Kush watch, the dial is stuck on 4:20. This 1st prize High Times Cannabis Cup winner, delivers potent THC-levels inducing time shifting perceptions with chilled and flowery sensations. This indica dominant wonder is a hybrid resulting from mixing a female OG Raskal’s White Fire with a Kuchi male. Once the hybrid came to light, tokers across the world were inspired by the dankness she harnessed from her ancestors.

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Rollex OG Kush is a powerful indica that grows like a sativa. The growth is tall and thin. The flowering time spans between 55-60 days. If one wishes to save time, Rollex OG Kush should be strongly considered | Buy Rollex OG Kush Australia | Cheap Rollex OG Kush Online | Order Rollex OG Kush Australia.


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