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The Sour Headband strain

Cannabis hybrid with a Sativa dominant strain is called Sour Headband. The marijuana strain known as “Sour Headband” produces a powerful mental buzz and a joyful cerebral pleasure. Cannabis hybrid Sour Headband was created by crossing Sour Diesel and Headband.

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Buy Sour Headband Kush Australia | An Indica-dominant hybrid strain, 707 Headband gets its name from two very distinctive identifiers. The first one, the number 707, refers to an area code from the San Francisco Bay Area of California, which is where this strain first gained notice.

The second one, the word headband, is a direct reference to the effects this strain can have. Many users feel like they are quite literally wearing a headband.  The exact nature of the strain’s origins have been lost.

No one knows exactly where it came from or who first bred it, though some claim it came from The Breeders Lab. Still, that did not keep DNA Genetics breeders from taking a crack at figuring out 707 Headband’s lineage |Buy Sour Headband Kush Australia .

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Buy Headband Kush online | buy Kush online Australia | buy weeds Saudi Genetics Headband is a cross between OG Kush | Master Kush and Sour Diesel | Buy Sour Headband Kush Australia | Buy Sour Diesel Strain Online


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