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Vanilla Kush Marijuana Strain Australia

Buy Vanilla Kush Marijuana Online | Buy Vanilla Kush Strain is a unique Dutch bud from Barney’s Farm in Amsterdam, and with THC levels often rising above 20% it is undoubtedly a hard-hitting strain. An indica-dominant hybrid, vanilla Kush possesses everything we love about the indica plants, but with a cool twist.

Initially found in the mid-1980’s, Vanilla Kush is a delicate flower combining the indica traits of some of the best Afghani genetics with the delightful mountain aromas of the Kashmir valley. A real treat for the senses, this fast-growing Kush is a real force to be reckoned with. we recommend that vanilla Kush is best utilized in the evenings or at night, and those who are new to cannabis may do well to steer clear of this one due to its potent effects.

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