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Strain Name: Buy Chocolope Kush Strain Online

Type: Hybrid – 60% Sativa / 40% Indica
Looks: Super dense buds that are light green with tons of dark orange and dark red hairs. Buds look real dense like golf balls. (10/10), Buy Chocolope Kush Online Australia
Smell: It smells delicious like a strong piece of juicy fruit gum with a slight hint of skunk. (10/10)
Taste: Just like it smells, juicy fruit gum with hints of skunk. Put out a thick smooth vapor from the volcano. (9/10) Effects: Day and night time use. Excellent medicinal effects. Provided an energetic, creative like effects. Good for pain relief, relaxing, munchies, and for getting stuff done. A few tokes too many and it provides a narcotic like couch lock which is great for sleeping. Shop Cannabis Strain Online Now.
Potency: Very Strong (9/10)

Where to Buy Chocolope Kush Strain Online Australia

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Ounce, Quarter pound, Half Pound, Pound

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