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Buy Ghost Train Haze Marijuana Strain Australia

hybrid with an 80/20 Sativa to Indica ratio. THC: 27%
Buy Ghost Train Haze Kush, One of the strongest strains ever released to the marijuana world is Ghost Train Haze. As Ghost Train Haze was voted the “Most Powerful Strain on Earth” by High Times magazine in 2012, this variety is not for experienced smokers. This strain, which has a crazy 27% THC content, Buy Ghost Train Haze Kush Australia, is a hybrid of Ghost OG and Neville’s wreck. Although GTH is primarily sativa (sativa to indica ratio is 80:20), it is advisable to avoid it if you are a new user or experience anxiety.high supply ghost train haze

Buy Ghost Train Haze Kush Australia

Heavy GTH use can provide a psychedelic-like feeling that could make you feel paranoid. Patients who frequently choose Ghost Train Haze are individuals who: GTH has the ability to quickly make you giggle uncontrollably and inspire creative thought when used sparingly. This strain has a very strong sweet and sour, citrus, and pine fragrance. With an abundance of trichomes and hairs, GTH practically looks as dank as it claims to be.

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