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Buy Hells Angel OG Kush, Hell’s Angel OG is an indica that has a mysterious past but an indisputable potency. Its name refers to the notorious biker club — and rumor has it that the group was actually responsible for the original cultivation of this strain in Southern California. Some say that Hell’s Angel is a cross between Blackberry and OG Kush, Buy Hells Angel OG Kush Australia while others claim it’s a distinct phenotype of OG Kush itself. Whatever its background, though, Hell’s Angel is known to deliver knockout indica relaxation with the added benefit of a sour-sweet citric funk.

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Flowers of Hell’s Angel OG belie its potency — they are small and have a clustered appearance, similar to popcorn. The little nugs have a classically indica bud structure, dense and tightly-packed. Leaves are a dark shade of forest green and are threaded through with hairy orange pistils. Cloudy white trichomes cover these otherwise unimpressive flowers, giving them a super-sticky texture and making them difficult to break up without the use of a grinder.

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