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Hybrid with 90% sativa and 10% indica Indica 15% THC, 1% CBN
As you may have guessed, Kali Mist, the acclaimed Queen of all sativa strains, is a hybrid that is sativa dominant. The Kali Mist plant produces a lot, and the buds are grouped closely together. In Kali Mist, the Sativa-Indica ratio is 90:10, while the THC level is 15%. The CBD content has been estimated to be 0.45%. Most often, this strain is to be taken in the morning. Art lovers pay close attention to this mind-clearing substance because it boosts their creativity and improves their performance while minimizing distractions. As a result, taking it before practicing yoga and meditation is also beneficial. It is acknowledged to possess hallucinogenic qualities, Buy Kali Mist Strain Online.

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