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The KandyPens Crystal is equipped with an innovative bucket-shaped quartz coil that heats your material from below. With this method, your concentrate never comes in contact with the heating element, which is more efficient and produces purer vapor. Additionally, the quartz works to preserve flavor.

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Buy Kandy Pen Online, The K-stick Supreme with quartz atomizer definitely deserves to be on our top picks for best wax pens. Compared to its predecessor, this pen features push button activation and led lights. It delivers high performance for a budget friendly price, Buy Kandy Pens Australia, Order Kandy Pens Australia.

What makes this pen different from other ultra portable vape pens,? We like to point out that it comes with variable voltage built in. Choose and adjust your heat level on the fly with the touch of a button and you’ll be a hero at the next vape event! No, but serious talk, this thing shines and glimmers like the fancy new wax job on that Uber Black Lincoln Navigator waiting for you at the curb, Buy kandy pen cartridge australia, buy kandy vape pen melbourne, Cheap kandy pen cartridge australia.

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