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Cultivar: Haupia

Who: ShoppingCarts415 x Mount Burnin

Lineage: Lemon Cherry Gelato x Gelato 41


Paint Thinner, Ripe Tropical Fruit, Pink Eraser, Rubber-like Musk.


Medium-sized, boulder-shaped nugs. Coated with crystals, rich dark hue. Nice humidity, trim/manicure. Wish it was a little more sticky, but that’s just personal preference.

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Buy Haupia Strain, Having started with its sister pheno, Haupina, and recently with its second cousin, Waupia, I get to come back full circle with the flower that started it all, Haupia. Now, I believe I’m able to identify the canon that has been created with this strain.

Popping open the bag sends those sandy beach tropical vibes my way. It’s that salty, fresh air quality mixed with a hint of dark musky gelato on that back end that simulates that ocean breeze coconut scent. There’s also an astringent pink eraser, Rubber like quality that dips in and out between whiffs.  Buy Haupia Strain.

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