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Watermelon haupia strain

Buy Watermelon haupia strain | Watermelon haupia strain (Watermelon skittlez X Gelato 33) keeper pheno from seed. Smells like Watermelon fresca, funky skittlez overtones with candy gas backend.

Almost everyone who uses the watermelon cannabis strain falls in love with it. The delicious perfume entices you in, and the taste makes you want to use more. Patients who use medical marijuana report that it helps with chronic pain and gives them an energy boost.

The watermelon strain is straightforward to grow and perfect for beginners. It’s a popular Sativa, but unfortunately, its genetics are unknown. THC is present in this strain at a modest level. In general, it contains between 12 and 18 percent THC, with an average of 15 percent. If you’re seeking a way to deal with stress, anxiety, or sadness, this is a great alternative.

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