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Buy Platinum Haupia Strain. This strain is a collaboration between MountBurnin415 and Shopping Carts 415.


The genetics of Haupina are Gelato 41 and Sunset Sherbert. I am not sure how Platinum affects the genetics or if they are just the top pristine sought-after kolas. Similar to what Cannatique has done with their Platinum Lemon-Cherry Gelato.  Order Platinum Strain Australia, Cheap Platinum Haupia Strain


The trichome frosted colas are a deep purple hue with lots of long stringy orange hairs. It is tough to see the color as there are so many trichome crystals and tiny white hairs.


  Similar to the non-platinum, the aroma is a forward musty, musky, lemon, and sweet cherry aroma that does not disappoint.

The Inhale & The Exhale

 The flavor profile, on the other hand, is very different from the original. Rich, creamy notes are complimented by delicate tropical notes delivered in a thick, rich, decadent smoke that dominates the inhale. In contrast, the exhale has more of a chalky vanilla flavor profile, Buy Platinum Haupia Strain . 

The Smoking Experience

 As I mention, when describing the inhale, the smoke of this flower is thick and decadent, leading to a fantastic smoking experience. The flavor profile and aroma only add to it.

The High

 Another noticeable difference between this drop and the original is that this strain got me so much high. I am like lit lit off just one joint. Very impressive. The high is a heavy head high that allowed me to be still somewhat productive.

Where to Buy Platinum Haupia Strain Online in Australia

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